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Mobile InSIGHT

What is Mobile InSIGHT?

Gone are the days of the traditional game of Keeping up with the Joneses; now the game is about the New and Different. Central to firms’ foray into the mobile environment is the goal of attaining maximum visibility. It therefore becomes critical that financial services firms are pioneers, rather than sheep falling in line with their competitors.

Dalbar has introduced its newest rating program, Mobile InSIGHT, which highlights trailblazers whose excursion into the mobile expanse has successfully led them to a higher, more continuous level of visibility.

On a quarterly basis, Dalbar reviews the offerings of financial services firms- both mobile applications, and mobile Web sites. Alternating between the two mobile asset types, a report is released each quarter.

What is included in a Mobile InSIGHT Report?

Dalbar's Mobile InSIGHT reports:

  • Highlight Who’s Who in the World of Mobile: Mobile InSIGHT reports feature those pacesetters who offer a 5 star mobile experience; which effectively keeps them in the client’s view.

  • Offer Industry Data: Mobile InSIGHT takes a complete look at the mobile environment and among other areas examines:

    • The ease of locating, navigating and mastering applicationsMobile InSIGHTS Seal of Excellence
    • The efficiency and appeal of app designs
    • The relevance to the intended audience


  • Dalbar’s Mobile Seal of Excellence: If earned, your firm receives the Rights to the Seal in promotional materials, artwork to display internally/externally, an Award Certificate, your firm’s achievement listed on Dalbar’s Corporate Website, Press Release, Announcement via LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as Award Support to help maximize your achievement.

How are Mobile InSIGHT Reports made Available?

Mobile InSIGHT reports are available via:

  • Mobile InSIGHT Subscription
    A one year subscription to the Mobile InSIGHTS program includes a total of 4 reports, one per quarter and the Mobile InSIGHTS Seal of Excellence, if earned.

    The cost per subscription is $15,000.
  • Individual Purchase
    Mobile InSIGHT reports may be purchased individually at a cost of $5,000.


For more information

For more information about Dalbar’s Mobile InSIGHT research please contact Anita Lo at 905.482.3023 x223 or anitalo@dalbar.com



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