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Research and Communications

Best Practices in Goals Based ReportingIncluding investment goals on investor statements allows clients to monitor progress, set benchmarks and alter allocations when necessary.

Customized Statement AnalysisDalbar evaluates financial statements to determine if required standards are being met, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations based on industry best practices and/or needs of the firm.

Trends & Best Practices in Investor StatementsAn annual report which guides financial services firms in delivering statements that meet the needs of consumers and financial advisors while minimizing costs and maximizing effectiveness. Results show ranking of statements, analysis of customer needs, and industry best practices.

Investor Statement Preference StudyDiscover which elements of investor statement design are most important to clients. Dalbar surveyed hundreds of investors to determine what information and design features are deemed most valuable by end users.

Account Opening Documents An evaluation to offer firms guidance in making the most effective use of its account opening documents. The evaluation searches for opportunities to improve and identifies current features that may injure the relationship with clients or may create an image that is not in line with that of the institution.

Customized Communications
Dalbar evaluates communication materials to determine if required standards are being met and identify opportunities for improvement.
Advisory Board: Client ReportingA forum which brings together leaders responsible for client reporting within financial services to work together to gain a thorough understanding of the latest industry trends, as well as insight into best practices and innovations that help firms to stay ahead of the curve and deliver success.

Communication Seal EvaluationAn evaluation determining whether written communication qualifies for a third party endorsement of excellence by Dalbar and establishes the organization as an industry leader in this critical area.



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